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Performance and Participation in games Essay

Peruse the accompanying notes and afterward answer the inquiries toward the finish of each area. If it's not too much trouble answer each arrangement of inquiries on an alternate sheet utilizing another heading each time. It would be ideal if you compose your answers completely in sentences. Consider what number of imprints each question is worth with respect to the amount you have to compose. The inquiries ought to be done and delivered on Tuesday the seventh November alongside your coursework (all segments). School †Questions. 1. Clarify how your encounters in PE can have both a negative or a constructive outcome on your cooperation in sport further down the road (2). Name 5 unique jobs that an understudy could take inside a PE exercise (5) 3. For key stage three PE clarify what zones of action are secured and the points of PE at this level (7) 4. For key stage four PE clarify what regions of action are secured and the points of PE at this level (4) 5. Clarify what advantages can be looked for from extra-curricular PE I. On an illustrative premise and ii. On a recreational premise (4) 6. Name one advantage of assessment courses for I. The picture of PE and ii. Understudies who have an enthusiasm for PE. 7. Clarify what advantages joins with sports clubs can have and why this is fundamental (3) 8. Clarify why cross-curricular connections are significant for understudies (2). 9. Name and clarify 3 different ways that a school could take care of the expense of its brandishing exercises (3). 10. Clarify how educational plan limitations can negatively affect how much time is accessible for PE (2). 11. Clarify how custom can influence the open doors students may have inside PE (2) 12. Clarify how nature can influence the open doors that understudies may have inside PE (both positive and negative) (2). Evolving Attitudes. What impacts do mentalities of society have on support in games? 1. What is relaxation (2) 2. How has recreation time expanded (1) 3. Give a portion of the purposes behind this expansion and clarify why these impacts do really expand openings (5) 4. Clarify the point of private relaxation suppliers and name three distinct kinds of recreation openings they give (4) 5. Clarify the point of open recreation suppliers and name three distinct kinds of relaxation openings they give (4) 6. Name a portion of the objective gatherings that open suppliers make arrangements for, clarify what arrangements they make and why this is helpful. (5)

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The Benefits of IELTS Agree Disagree Essay Samples

The Benefits of IELTS Agree Disagree Essay SamplesSome of the IELTS agree disagree essays samples are too long and difficult to understand. They make it very hard for students to read and apply the material, which is why some people claim that these are worthless. If you look at it from the student's point of view, however, it seems that these kinds of tests are the perfect way to test themselves on their comprehension and knowledge about a subject.After all, if the students find the IELTS agree disagree essay samples too long and difficult to understand, they will fail the exam. However, once they pass the exam, they will probably be amazed at how easy the material was, and how much better they felt after studying. Some students think that IELTS agrees disagree essay samples are just another tool in the toolbox, a way to make the exams harder. The thing to remember is that the only tool they are using is their own minds!These IELTS agree disagree essays samples are just one of the t ools that they use to help them hone their speaking and writing skills. While they are not perfect, these are tools that can be used for helping to improve one's writing skills. By putting all the time and effort into studying and polishing their writing skills, they will be able to read the material that is on the test better and have a greater understanding of the subject matter.Another benefit of the IELTS agree disagree essay samples is that it allows the students to practice and hone their speaking and writing skills before the real exam. Since most of the students take these samples at home, it allows them to practice and get their writing skills ready for the big day. This gives them the ability to win the exam by practicing the material they study and not by preparing and practicing the wrong way.One of the greatest benefits that IELTS agree disagree essaysamples have is that it allows the students to improve their listening and speaking skills. This allows them to understan d the material better and to learn how to be more efficient in communicating their knowledge to the class. By showing them how to speak and express themselves in more fluent ways, the students will also be able to grasp the lesson in greater detail.When you do take the IELTS agree disagree essay samples, you will need to take note of some of the helpful tips and strategies that are available for you to take advantage of. For example, the first tip to look out for is the one that states that you should prepare for the tests in advance. By doing this, you will ensure that you come prepared for the test. This will give you the ability to know exactly what questions are going to be on the test, and it will help you make sure that you understand the material better.Next, you'll need to make sure that you practice and prepare for the IELTS test as much as possible. To this end, you should write down your goals for taking the exam, and set a time each day to review the material, read and r evise the passages, and the like. This will ensure that you don't get behind the scenes and lose track of the schedule.Finally, make sure that you stay motivated, and that you are prepared for the IELTS exams as much as possible. Doing so will give you the best chance to succeed in the exam, and that will be your goal.

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Consciousness Language in George Orwells 1984 - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1358 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/09/22 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Topics: 1984 Essay Did you like this example? Newspeak is the official language of Oceania. It is the depletion of words. The Party wanted to make it impossible to commit thoughtcrimes by literally erasing all of the negative words that one would use. Oldspeak is what Winston and the proles spoke in. By 1984, most people had abandoned Oldspeak. The Party did not bother teaching the proles the new language because they didn’t care about them. The proles have a conscience but they are not conscience of their consciousness. Winston could not bring himself to use Newspeak because he still had a sense of emotions that did not exist in Newspeak. Winston can still remember and thinks he can feel a sense of family, love, and guilt. The only emotions other people felt were pain, hatred and loyalty to the Party. Speaking in Oldspeak was a sign of consciousness. Throughout the book Winston grew to a stronger sense of awareness. The memories he began to acquire made him realize the lies the Party told. Winston was able to recall his memories because he used language and thought. The party believed Proles and animals are free. They were free to use thought and Oldspeak. They are somewhat conscious of themselves. Proles don’t care about anything the Party would call important, so they are allowed to think what they want without having to fear the Party. They are allowed to think what they want. They are allowed to marry whom they want and spend their time how they please. This leads the reader to assume that although they are not educated, they have some sort of decision making process. Even if they do not make use of it they have it. On page 71, the book explains that the Proles needed to be kept in subjection, but they were not necessarily watched. The Party felt no need to keep to harsh of a watchful eye on them because they weren’t smart enough to be a threat to the Party; and if one had become risk, one would be killed. The way they were controlled was being occupied by beer an d gambling. The Proles were free to marry whom they wanted. This shows they are conscious of feelings towards another Human being. They have a sense family. They did not call each other comrades like the Party. They raised their children without preparing them for the Party. This meant that the children were less likely to turn on their parents. The Party did not marry a person based on their emotional feelings, they married someone convenient. In fact, Party members were not allowed to marry if they had been attracted to their partner. On page 70, Winston writes in his diary, â€Å"Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious†. Winston believes they are not free. You cannot be liberated without consciousness. Therefore, the Proles will never be conscious. However, the proles are conscious because they speak in Oldspeak, they just have a different type of consciousness than Winston. They are conscious of making decisions such as choosing a spouse. They own their own businesses and spend their days how they please. Winston is conscious in a different way. He is aware of the lies of the Party. On page 135 he says, â€Å"In this game we are playing, we can’t win†. Winston is conscious that the Party will always prevail. He doesn’t know how much control they can actually have yet, but he knows eventually him and Julia will lose. They know it is a matter of time before they are found out by the Thought Police. He acknowledges that by saying, â€Å"we are dead†. She replies, â€Å"we are not dead yet†. He knows that the Party will always win but that they are always wrong. He has memories from before the Revolution, before the Party ruled. He knows things that the Party says are wrong. For example, when they tell the people that they have always been at war with Eurasia, they believe it. Although just the day before they knew they were at peace wi th Eurasia and their enemy was Eastasia. This is because the people of Oceania used Double Think. Winston was conscious of Double Think and therefore knew he could not believe two contradictory ideas. When Winston was captured by the Though Police he was forced to â€Å"relearn† everything. Once Winston succumbs to O’Brien by giving in to double thinking and the Party, he loses his consciousness. Winston wonders if he is the insane one since he finds himself to be the only one to have these thoughts. Winston is conscious of how the Party uses language to manipulate the people. He understands that, for example, â€Å"war† and â€Å"peace† are two contradictory ideas. The Party, however does not. This is how Winston is different than the Party. He understands Double Think. He knows that in language there is something greater then orthodoxy. Winston longs to be able to think and behave how he pleases. Orthodoxy is the main belief of the Party. Fully sh aring in their beliefs and views is the ultimate form of unconsciousness. Almost everything that the Party said was a lie or a contradictory. For example their slogans, â€Å"WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH†. Certainly we can see how ridiculous these statements are but to the Party members they made perfect sense. The slogans are normal to them because they don’t understand what â€Å"peace†, â€Å"freedom†, or â€Å"strength† truly means. Peace never existed because they were always at war with someone. No one is free, they cannot even think freely without getting found by the Thought Police. The strength and power was held entirely by the Inner Party. The government manipulated the people by using mind games and word play. An announcement plays explaining that the chocolate ration will be raised to twenty grams a week. The day before the announcement said that the ration will be reduced to twenty grams. No one caught it besides Winston. Everyone accepts whatever is fed to them by the Party. The depletion of language parallels the idea of the depletion of consciousness. Human beings have the ability to think in language. If we are not capable of language then we are not truly conscious. The Party’s goal was to eliminate words to make thoughtcrime impossible. If there were no words to express it, they believed, then no one would be able toconvey it. Syme tells Winston, â€Å"the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought† (53). If language is being narrowed, then consciousness is being decreased. Winston understands this, therefore, he cannot bring himself to speak the new language. The people do not even think when they speak. They speak with their mouths not with their brains. Winston calls it, â€Å"noise uttered in unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck† (58). They don’t know what they are even saying because no words have real meanings. Pe ople don’t feel any complex emotions. They cannot even think what they want because their opinions will be known to the Thought Police. To indoctrinate the children to be loyal to the Party, they were only taught Newspeak. This made them easy targets of manipulation. They grew up never learning love for their family members or â€Å"comrades†. The Party wants the people like this so that no one will share ideas. If you are intimate with another person, you will feel comfortable to share ideas with one another. The people could not even choose a spouse whom they were attracted to because loyalty and love was to be felt for Big Brother only. This made the people easy to control. Power was the most important thing to the Party. When a person was caught committing a Though Crime, they were not captured to be punished, they were captured to be â€Å"cured†. The Party would drain the person until there was nothing left, and then they would fill their minds with the beliefs of Big Brother, and they would truly become unconscious. Works Cited Orwell, George. 1984. New York: New American Library, July 1950. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Consciousness Language in George Orwells 1984" essay for you Create order

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The Drug Addiction Of The United States - 774 Words

It is possible to stop most drug addiction in the United States within a very short time. Simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost. Label each drug with a precise description of what effect - good and bad - the drug will have on the taker. This will require heroic honesty. Don t say that marijuana is addictive or dangerous when it is neither, as millions of people know - unlike speed, which kills most unpleasantly, or heroin, which is addictive and difficult to kick. For the record, I have tried - once - almost every drug and liked none, disproving the popular Fu Manchu theory that a single whiff of opium will enslave the mind. Nevertheless many drugs are bad for certain people to take and they should be told why in a sensible way. Along with exhortation and warning, it might be good for our citizens to recall (or learn for the first time) that the United States was the creation of men who believed that each man has the right to do what he wants with his own life as long as he does not interfere with his neighbor s pursuit of happiness (that his neighbor s idea of happiness is persecuting others does confuse matters a bit). This is a startling notion to the current generation of Americans. They reflect a system of public education which has made the Bill of Rights, literally, unacceptable to a majority of high school graduates (see the annual Purdue reports) who now form the silent majority - a phrase which that underestimated wit Richard Nixon tookShow MoreRelatedDrug Addiction : The United States2115 Words   |  9 PagesAddictions in the United States Audience Analysis Paper Summary of Survey Results The purpose of our survey was to gain insight into our audience’s attitudes and beliefs about addictions in the United States. Our audience consisted of 24 respondents, aged approximately between 18 and 22. These respondents had approximately two weeks to complete our survey. The survey consisted of seven Likert-scale questions, each with a number of sub-questions. All 24 respondents completed this survey. TheseRead MoreDrug Addiction : The United States War On Drugs930 Words   |  4 PagesThe decades-old United States war on drugs has not been successful and very cost ineffective (Madden, 2008). Today, drug addiction continues to be an important public health problem in our nation. The U.S. spends more than $700 billion dollars annually in costs related to substance abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], 2015). Drug-related costs include abuse of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, crime, lost work productivity, and health care (NIDA, 2015). And the costs correspon ding to thoseRead MoreDrug Addiction And Its Effects On The United States1194 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history, drug addiction has been one of the many factors of why people across the United States become unsuccessful. Being an addict controls the mind, body and souls of some people and with that, it usually hurts them in the long run. A disease is a disease, no matter if it’s alcoholism, gambling, food addiction or a drug addiction. Not all drugs do the same to people, but in some cases, it gets them high for a couple minutes and makes them keep coming back for more and from time to timeRead MoreEssay Drugs: Tolerance and Withdrawal1254 Words   |  6 PagesDrugs cause an indescribable high, causing the imprisoned individual to be set free from their reality; however, that’s not only what drugs cause. About 200 million people around the world are drug users causing 250,000 deaths each year. Dependency on a drug then leads to a tolerance to the drug, and be fore the user knows it, they are addicted. Drugs are like a black hole that vacuums the user into a state of addiction which makes it even more difficult to escape and quit. However, addiction canRead MoreNew Rehab Programs Should Be Introduced1420 Words   |  6 Pages Since the start of the Drug War, which was the motion to use more policing in order to end the illicit drug market, the amount of arrests have increased for drug possession. Rehab programs in state and federal prisons have helped people overcome their addiction and relapse. The same way that King Leonidas in the graphic novel, 300, went about his Spartan initiation, it portrays the way a drug addict tries to overcome their addiction. By continuing to arrest people for substance abuse, it makesRead MoreAddiction Counseling : An Bright Future Essay1191 Words   |  5 PagesAddiction Counseling: An Unfortunately Bright Future As a child, I was surrounded by drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, I didn’t realize this was even abnormal until I was nearly a teenager and saw that not all of my friends’ parents used illegal drugs on a regular basis or threw wild parties every weekend. It was unfortunate, but it was my reality. Being surrounded by addiction made me do everything that I could to stay away from drugs and other illegal substances. I saw the toll it had takenRead MoreIs Drug Addiction A Choice Or A Disease?1743 Words   |  7 PagesIs drug addiction a choice or a disease ? There are two central debates that often arise when speaking of addiction ; either addiction is a disease caused by the brain, or addiction is a matter of weak will. In comparison the disease model would take responsibility away from the addict and place it on biological reasoning ; the weak will model, would ultimately condemn the addict and place blame on the addicts decision making process and thus blame the addict for their behavior. Utilitarian theoryRead MoreHeroin Addiction : The United States1743 Words   |  7 PagesHeroin Addiction in the United States Overview of Heroin Addiction in the U.S. Heroin addiction is one of the leading killers of adolescents and adults in the United States. In recent years, addiction has skyrocketed, and â€Å"the rate of heroin-related overdose deaths increased by 286 percent between 2002 and 2013.† In 2002, â€Å"100 people per 100,000 were addicted to heroin, and that number has doubled by 2013† (The National Institute on Drug Abuse 2013). The most affected populations include low incomeRead MoreIntroduction . Addiction Is An Incontrollable Need For728 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Addiction is an incontrollable need for a substance. When someone is addicted, the feeling of being hooked to a substance makes you psychologically believe you cannot go without that substance. These addictions are not only hurting the person doing the substance, but it can tare families apart. Opiate addiction is a disease that is looked down upon by society. If substance users to not get the treatment they need, they will continue to do everything in their power to get ahold of theRead MorePolicy And Implications Of The President s Inaugural National Drug Control Strategy Essay1727 Words   |  7 Pagesinaugural, the 2010 National Drug Control Strategy presented an evidence-based practice that addressed reducing drug use and eliminating its consequences in the United States (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). The president responded by having his administration draft the â€Å"third way† in drug policy, which rejects taking extreme measures on drug addicts and in crimi nalizing them, also minimizing the United States participation in the â€Å"war on drugs† (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). This

Demand & Supply of Resources in Australia-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Demand and Supply of Certain Resources in Australia. Answer: Availability of resources is the basics for production activity in the economy. Rich a nation is natural resources greater is the scope for economic growth of the nation. Sometimes despite having, plenty of natural resources country often lags behind the expected growth. An example o such nation is Africa. Because of inability to extract the resources, the resources remain unutilized. Therefore, proper resource management is crucial. In the paper, demand supply management of resources in Australia is discussed. Summary highlights of the story Agricultural, mineral and human resources are basis for Australian production activity. The analysis of primary resource is similar to general analysis. However, special attention needed for mineral and human resources. In the stock of mineral resources, Australia encounters problem in the domestic availability of natural gas. Natural gas is used as a primary raw material in power plants. With a lack of supply of basic raw materials, power production is hampered. Contraction in power supply increase price of electricity causing suffering to domestic household. The problem is supply shortage is although created by large suppliers of LNG. This is the main discussion topic of the article chosen for present analysis ( 2017). The main force for supply shortage is the large-scale export of LNG. The international market is a more lucrative place for business. A large share of natural gas was previously supplied by Queensland alone. With growing attention to export, more than 58% of supplied gas is now exported to big exporters like Shell, Origin and Santos (Lodhia et al. 2013). This contributes to mismatch between supply and demand in the domestic target. In Australia, most of the power plants are directed to use natural gas that coal keeping in mind the clean energy target of the state. In this situation if the main resource for power generation are used for meeting external demand then there is an obvious supply crisis. Given the demand, the restricted supply increases price largely. Despite paying a high price people in Australia cannot be secured with a undisturbed power supply. Record suggest that domestic price for natural gas increased by 57% in the last two years (Giurco et al. 2014). In the report, prediction for a future supply shortage is also predicted for some major states in Australia. These states include New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Another reason for high price in the energy market is the movement of major suppliers as a cartel. They do so to stay in the international market by recovering their loss at the cost of domestic producers. Economic theories and concept The problem that Australia is facing is directly connected with common economic problem of lack of supply to meet the demand and resulted high price. Balance between supply and demand is an important condition for smooth functioning of free market. Demand defines buyers willingness to pay for a good in the market. Suppliers take their decision about how much quantity they are willing to supply in the market (Ali et al. 2017). The parity between buyers and suppliers decision determine the state of the market. In case where there is mismatch between these, two the price will be either higher or lower than the price prevail under free market condition. When there is a reduction in supply, then this is indicated by an inward shift in the supply curve. However, demand cannot respond so quickly and in case of necessary good demand does not change at all. To serve large number of consumers with a limited supply, price increases rapidly. This is preciously what is happening is Australian mar ket. Figure 1: effects of an inward shift in the supply curve (Source: Rader 2014) Before 1990, the position of Australia in international market is not so strong. As a result, domestic resources are used only for meeting domestic demand. there was no problem in the power sector . Both coal and natural gas were used to supply power for domestic and industrial use. With economic progress, international relation strengthens and gives a boost to export. The export of LNG increases (Moran and Kunz 2014). Many of the suppliers completely restrict their domestic supply and only engage in exportation. Individual decision of some suppliers resulted in a nationwide shortage of power and blackout becomes more frequent. Another economic theory that needs to be evaluated is the impact of cartel in the market. Oligopoly sellers are often interested in forming a cartel in order to enjoy a greater control in the market (Currie, Peel and Peters 2016). Two or more large player in the market jointly takes the decision regarding price and output. The firm having high production cost may supply a small quantity whereas firm having low cost supplies a greater quantity. Industry as a whole has the joint supply and the firms enjoy equal industrial profit. In case of Australia, suppliers form cartel to set a high price. The price in domestic market is often higher than that in the international market (Rader 2014). Recommendation The present problem of mineral resource in Australia is the existing supply shortage and high price. Regulation should be made to control price. Traditional methods like setting a price ceiling may be one strategy. Another strategy to reduce price is to increase domestic supply by reducing export. Government can impose a quota an export. Supply excess of domestic demand should only be allowed for export. Instead of depending only on natural gas, alternative sources for fuelling power plants should be encouraged. Use of modern emission efficient technology is one way out in this regard. Conclusion The paper analyses demand and supply situation for mineral resources in Australia. There is high mismatch between supply and demand in this industry. Supply fall short of demand resulting in a high price. Increase in export is one reason for supply shortage. Close down of old plants is another factor contributing to lack of power supply. Consumers are exposed to high price and frequent blackouts. Regulation needs to be made to correct the situation. Suppliers should give priority to domestic demand first. The problem, if not solved quickly then can become even bigger and prevent economic progress. References Ali, S.H., Giurco, D., Arndt, N., Nickless, E., Brown, G., Demetriades, A., Durrheim, R., Enriquez, M.A., Kinnaird, J., Littleboy, A. and Meinert, L.D., 2017. Mineral supply for sustainable development requires resource governance.Nature,543(7645), pp.367-372. Currie, D., Peel, D. and Peters, W. eds., 2016.Microeconomic Analysis (Routledge Revivals): Essays in Microeconomics and Economic Development. Routledge. (2017).Gas shortages could cause NSW blackouts. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Aug. 2017]. Giurco, D., Littleboy, A., Boyle, T., Fyfe, J. and White, S., 2014. Circular economy: questions for responsible minerals, additive manufacturing and recycling of metals.Resources,3(2), pp.432-453. Lodhia, S.K., Moran, C., Kunz, N.C. and Huisingh, D., 2013. The sustainability agenda of the minerals and energy supply and demand network: an integrative analysis of ecological, ethical, economic, and technological dimensions. Moran, C.J. and Kunz, N.C., 2014. Sustainability as it pertains to minerals and energy supply and demand: a new interpretative perspective for assessing progress.Journal of cleaner production,84, pp.16-26. Rader, T., 2014.Theory of microeconomics. Academic Press.

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Rural Bank of Suares Essay Example

Rural Bank of Suares Essay Company History ORBS was incorporated in 1974 by a small group of stockholders from the town of Shares located 25 kilometers away from the capital city in a province in Southern Mindanao. Since its founding, ORBS remained the only banking institution operating in this town of about 45,000 people. After its founding, the bank immediately found patronage among the townsfolk so that its stockholders, who were all townspeople of Shares had high hopes for their bank. Within a few years, however, the bank came into serious uncial difficulties. Whether because of lack of foresight or because of pressure from government agencies during the Marcos regime, ORBS, like nearly all rural banks in the country at that time, assumed heavy exposure in the governments disastrous countryside lending program called Manage 99 which resulted in millions of pesos of unsecured and unaccountable loans to rice and corn farmers for the bank. For nearly two decades, the bank, burdened by these unaccountable loans, eked out a survival existence as the Central Bank authorities allowed the bank to carry these uncorrectable accounts in its books and gradually write these off against whatever operating income the bank earned from its regular lending activities through the years. Until recently, therefore, the bank had not been able to expand or pay dividends to its stockholders. We will write a custom essay sample on Rural Bank of Suares specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Rural Bank of Suares specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Rural Bank of Suares specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Progress in Recent Years Under pressure from the Central bank authorities, the stockholders of the bank were forced to infuse in 1990 another UP million in the fresh equity investments in ORBS to beef up its depleted resources or face closure by the Central Bank. By dint of patient management and ireful husbanding of its resources, the ORBS management was able to rehabilitate the bank and expand both its deposit base and its loan volume. In 1993, ORBS reported modest profits for the first time after years of breakable operations. Because of this history, Argues financial report for 1995 visibly heartened the stockholders gathered in the meeting that morning. The Planned Branch Expansion to the City Argues Justified his proposal to open a branch office in the capital city on two grounds. First, he felt that the limits to expanding both its deposit base and ending activities in the small town of Shares had already been reached. Second, the market for loans and deposits was perceived to be larger in the capital city which was the financial and commercial center of the province with a population more than ten times that of Shares. The opportunities in the city could be seen in the fact that many current borrowers of the bank were residents of the capital city, according to the general manager. These borrowers could be better served if ORBS established a branch office in the city, not to mention the more attractive deposit taking capabilities that would result from this move, he added. Argues estimated the expansion to require approximately ten million pesos, as follows Land acquisition (300 sq. M. ) UP million Building Construction and Fixtures 0. Million Total 8 million Equipment 10. 5 million He explained that UP million would be generated internally and the UP million would be sourced through a loan from a large commercial bank with a branch in the city. He stressed that the time for consolidation was over and the bank was now in a position to ruse a more aggressive expansion strategy. Reactions from the Stockholders There were mixed reactions from the stockholders to Mr.. Argues proposal. Two stockholders expressed general skepticism of the plan. Stockholder 1 why do we want to expand to the city where branches of the big banks in Manila are located Can we compete with those Argues The branches of the Manila banks do not cater to small loans of say IIOP,OHO to 400,000. This is why we have borrowers from the City. The branches of Manila banks will not entertain them. This is our niche in the loan market Stockholder 1 But there are two other rural banks in the City which can do what we do. Argues Then, its a game of who can do it better. Im not afraid of them as competitors. I think we can compete effectively through better service. How do you think weve managed to get so many borrowers from the City to come to Shares and borrow from us Stockholder 2 Why do you have to buy land and build a building Cant you Just rent space the way other banks do This way you can reduce the capital required drastically. Argues I dont like renting. You spend a lot to build a nice branch office and then theyll increase the rent and youre stuck.